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        6.25% on all puppies

Texas Puppy Pal is proud to offer:  Parson Jack Russells,
Shorty Jack Russell Terriers                        and

​Chipoos, Maltipoos, MalChis, Yorkipoos, Chorkipoos, Morkies, and Chorkies

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paypal*, Zelle, cash,cashiercheck, western union and walmart money grams, personal checks for deposit hold only and US postal money orders.

All deposits are non-refundable

Puppy love, puppy cuteness

​​​​​​​​​​​BUYER’S ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: This agreement is between Vickie Scholten and buyer of any puppy.  This contract is provided to buyer and is agreed between Seller and Buyer as follows:  Said puppy should be spay or neutered before or around 6 months of age, unless he or she is going to be shown or bred, which needs to be disclosed at time of sale. 

Please Note:  DEPOSITS TO HOLD ARE NON REFUNDABLE.  When we hold a puppy for you with a secure deposit, we expect he/she will be leaving with you until ready to pick up, should you change your mind for whatever reason, you forfeit your deposit because while we thought your puppy had a home, many other seekers have been turned away who could have provided them a home.

HEALTH GUARANTEE: SELLER certifies that this puppy/dog is a Purebred or Cross breed if a poodle mix and free of communicable diseases as far as is identifiable.  SELLER* guarantees this puppy/dog to be free of life threatening **communicable diseases for 5 business days after receipt of puppy.  During the 5 days, we require you to take this puppy to your vet.  Any veterinary fees incurred will be at the buyer’s expense.  This puppy/dog has received shots and worming (per age) as stated on medical record to be given with puppy.  If your vet vaccinates your puppy within two weeks of the last vaccination date on the shot record, this health contract will be null and void.  Should your vet find the puppy ill or otherwise, we will take said puppy back and refund your money within 5 days of purchase, excludes any shipping or payment fees.  To our knowledge your puppy is healthy and strong.  Should the puppy expire from some health related genetic problem within a year, we will replace the puppy shipping would be buyer’s responsibility.   This does not include accidental deaths of any kind or any neglect of puppy/dogs regular vet visits.  Proof of health issue would have to be provided by a licensed Veterinarian and validated.  

* Seller does not guarantee against conditions brought on by stress or environmental changes that seller cannot control once the puppy has left his/her care. Therefore, Seller does not guarantee against coccidiosis, parasites, giardia, viral or bacterial infections.  NO WARRANTY ON HYPOGLYCEMIA!!   Small Puppies should be given goat’s milk, cottage cheese or NutriCal if they are not eating well or as additive until a little older.  **Communicable diseases are the ones we vaccinate for such as parvo, distemper, and etc.
* We are not responsible for any Veterinarian costs. There will be no returns due to incompatibility, allergies, or landlord disputes. Sorry NO EXCEPTIONS!* Although we try to predict grown size and color, we do not guarantee. 
Seller recommends Diamond Naturals sm puppy breed or Diamond Puppy dry and PurinaOne for puppies with wet Nature's Recipe Lamb, Rice and Barley, gotten at  We mix the puppy food and mix with a little wet pedigree or little caesar's.  A sample will come with the puppy.   Eukanuba, Lifes Abundance, Blue Diamond, PurinaOne Puppy, Purina Pro puppy & Nutro dog foods are also acceptable.  Please do NOT feed your pet a store brand dog food as health complications will result for which you, the buyer, will be responsible.  Seller does NOT recommend dog foods made with turkey or pork products.  Chicken, beef, or lamb is acceptable no grain, soy or corn is even better.
OWNERSHIP: Ownership of the puppy/dog chosen will be transferred to Buyer for the sale price listed.   BUYER understands that payment is due before puppy is received (if meeting at DFW is necessary) or in cash or completed paypal transaction at the time BUYER takes possession of the puppy/dog if picked up, please note a paypal payment must clear completely, these transactions can take up to 24 hours, a confirmed prepayment is necessary prior to pick up.  If a deposit has been given to hold the puppy/dog and balance due is not received at the agreed upon time, BUYER forfeits any deposit given hereunder, unless we, the seller, agree to extend the time or hold the puppy.  Deposits are non refundable. 
BUYERS  RESPONSIBILITIES: BUYER agrees to take the responsibility for proper care of said animal and take the puppy/dog to his/her veterinarian for regular health checks and vaccinations, Heartworm checks, etc.  BUYER assumes responsibility to carry on with appropriate exercise and feeding schedule. 
If above conditions are not met, this contract becomes void.  BUYER agrees that he/she is not acting as an agent in this purchase; that BUYER will not resell this puppy/dog to a pet store, or medical research facility.  BUYER also agrees that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is this puppy/dog to be placed in an animal shelter or similar establishment.  BUYER agrees that if at any time the BUYER can not take proper care of said animal, the BUYER should contact the breeder and he/she will Assist the buyer in finding a suitable home for the puppy/dog. 

***Seller makes no guarantee in regard to finding a new home for the puppy/dog, but will make the best effort to assist in finding a new home.***
This sales contract is non-transferable.  Should BUYER relinquish ownership of the puppy/dog for any reason, this contract shall be deemed null and void. 
This is a standard agreement and by purchasing a puppy from us, you automatically agree to our terms when transaction is completed, if you have any questions or do not agree with our standard puppy agreement, please contact us.  A copy can be provided for your records, upon request.   

Sales tax due on all puppies purchased in Texas whether picked up or shipped within Texas, see below for details.  Puppy purchase and delivery requires collection of sales tax on total amount.

Please note:  All Paypal payments must clear our account and be complete before a puppy leaves our care, no exceptions, please do not show up at our home and not have final payment prepared.   




         ​Please read before purchasing a puppy or making a deposit to hold.

We are a small kennel about 50 miles east of Dallas, Wills Point, TX 75169.