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Texas Puppy Pal is proud to offer:
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We are a small kennel about 50 miles east of Dallas, Wills Point, TX 75169.

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From:  Luciana 
To:  etexasresults@aol.com
Date:   Thursday, February 2, 2023 at 11:11 AM CST

Dear Vickie,
Thank you for being such an amazing breeder and person!  I was nervous about buying a puppy online but you were so great about meeting me at the airport and giving me advice whenever I needed it.  Mickey has been so happy and healthy - even the vets are surprised at how healthy and well-adjusted he is.  He is the sweetest and spunkiest dog in the world.  After almost 1.5 years with him I can't wait to go back to Dallas and pick up his half-brother to join the family!  

Thanks again!

To: Vickie Scholten Subject: Re: How is Teddy doing?

Date: Tue, Sep 17, 2019 10:42 pm

Hi Vickie,

Teddy is amazing- AMAZING! Fitting in so well with our family. I can’t take him a single place where I don’t get stopped to snuggle him :) He’s a doll. Thank you for helping us get him.  And great news, we went to our vet yesterday and they raved over what a happy, healthy pup he is.  So many neighbors and friends have stopped me to ask us where he came from — I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve sent them your way :) Will follow up with pics soon. We are in heaven. Thank you so much Vickie! Hope you and all pups are doing well in wills point! We really can’t thank you enough.

Kindly, Melissa

To: Vickie Scholten <etexasresults@aol.com>
Sent: Fri, Oct 19, 2018 7:40 am
Subject: For my "Friend"

Good morning Vickie,
Here is my heartfelt testimonial for your fine work.
"I wanted to thank Vickie for the two wonderful Parsons Jack Russell's I have from her Texas Puppy Pals. Six years ago we were lucky enough to find Vickie through a friend. Vickie sent us Luigi and our love for Jack Russell's began. Having been a large dog owner in the past, (Great Pyrenees  for many years), this was a new endeavor for our family.
This year we decided maybe Luigi needed a friend. I contacted Vickie as I had many concerns about a new pup, what sex, reaction from Luigi etc.
Vickie addressed all my concerns, made her recommendations and soon after Loki arrived. With Vickie's guidance we have two happy, amazing boys!!
Through the years with social media I feel a true friendship with Vickie. We have never met and may never meet, however with e-mails and photo's I send Vickie we keep connected. Vickie loves to see how her boys are doing.
You can tell how dedicated Vickie is to her breeding through her thorough care during the process and after acquiring a healthy, well bred pup.
Thank you Vickie for all you do.


​I wanted to tell you how wonderful my little dog Benny is.  I have fallen in love with him and so has my whole entire family, here is a picture of him with my 3 year old granddaughter.  He is loving, patient and sweet, just the best little dog I could've ever imagined.  Thank your everything, it was wonderful working with you, you were easy to deal with and a pleasure to get to know.  When I'm ready for my next one I will definitely be contacting you hands-down.

Sincerely, Suzanne, PA   February 1, 2018

​ Excellent Breeder!!! Wow!!! What an amazing experience!!! Vickie is wonderful!!! Her puppies are amazing as well!!! Vickie sold us one of Sugar's Puppies and he is not only beautiful,he is already well on his way with potty training and he is in excellent health and he is really sweet with the whole family and our other Jack Russell! Vickie is wonderful to deal with! She kept us updated with info. and pictures the entire time and she went out of her way to make sure he got here on my birthday for me!!! Deal with Vickie!!! She is awesome!!! The best breeder I have ever dealt with!!! What beautiful puppies too!!!!

K. Efken,     North Carolina  March 3, 2008

I couldn't ask for a better tempered dog. She is fantastic with my now 2 year old daughter and does great with other dogs. She isn't a big barker either which has been wonderful. She only alerts when needed. My family and I feel very lucky to have found Vickie who breeds amazing pups. We hope to add another to our family.

Thank you so much Vickie and I hope you and your family are well

Nicole, California
Jan. 16, 2013


Dear Vickie    5/9/10

My family and i would like to THANK YOU so much for selling us (libby) now Bella, we would also like to thank you for sending her out to us a day earlier than planned.  Bella has really warmed our hearts and our home, she is making everyone so happy.  She has not been too shy at all and we have noticed she is very persistent, energetic and isn't afraid to speak out while playing with her rope toy.  She is very happy, strong and healthy and from the bottom of our hearts we thank you so much again for our adorable Jack Russell puppy and the fast Delivery!! 

Nikke Madson,

Kenosha, WI

 Ruby has Landed in Des Moines

I have to say this is one of the best well kept kennels I have ever visited. Located in East Texas I drove to their facility while attending a Cowboys game(go Dallas) and made the drive to see Ruby in person. The hardest part was leaving the 4 week old puppy behind but now that she is home in Iowa she has adapted quickly as taking over. She is very bold and well socialized with no fear. Ruby will begin her training as a show prospect for me and a great addition to my Parsons line. Dont overlook a great facility nestled in the great state of Texas. Her new name will be Daisy Thanks Vickie

Reviewer: dharl, December 13, 2012

Vickie is a wonderful Breeder!

I was a little scared to buy a puppy online. But my Experience with Vickie was great! She kept me updated every step of the way. She went out of her way to make the transaction as smooth as possible. Vickie really cares about her puppies as well as the family's she sells to. I would definitely purchase from her again. Thanks Dave,         Seattle, WA

 Rolo brings joy to my home!

I had never purchased a puppy via the internet and was nervous about the transaction, but as soon as I called Vicky she was able to answer all of my questions and put me at ease. Vicky was able to work fast so that I could have my new puppy in my arms as soon as possible and she was in constant contact with me through everything. Vicky truly cares about her puppies and has called me a few times since to make sure that Rolo was adapting fine and healthy, she even sent me an old picture of him!

Lisa, New York
October 15, 2007

 Vickie is an amazing breeder

We had such a wonderful experience with Vickie. We already own one miniature dapple dachshund, and we were looking for another one so Gus could have a play mate. She made sure we weren't trying to breed the two (as double dapple puppies can have serious health problems), and kept updating us on Tiger Lily's growth. When we picked up our puppy from the airport, she had her own blanket, two toys and a pillow along with food and water. Through Vickie we are also able to keep in touch with the other families that bought Tiger Lily's siblings. Vickie is very knowledgeable about her puppies and clearly cares about their well being. I highly recommend her! 

Hannah from Sacramento, CA

July 20, 2009  

 So impressed, my wife and I will return for more!

Just wanted to say thank you so much Vickie for being one of the very few, true loving and caring breeders out there for families like us. Such a clean environment and home, the smell of healthy and clean dogs and pups was the first impression my wife and I got, immediately after entering Vickie's home. Highly recommended and would like to say "Big Thanks Again!" We will look for your baby ChiPoo's in the near future Vickie!

Reviewer: Robert, June 11, 2013

 Attention to all the details!

I am purchasing a Parsons JRT from Vickie Scholten. She has spent so much time answering questions for me - you can tell she is a professional who loves her dogs! As a previous owner of a JRT, it was just as important that a breeder be as concerned with my questions as I was with hers. I can't wait for my newest family member to arrive! Norma

Reviewer: Norma, December 5, 2011

A Wonderful Experience All Around!

I do not have one bad word to say about my experience dealing with Vickie. It is evident that in the first 12 weeks of his life Buster (mini-doxie) was cared for and loved tremendously. Vickie was incredible throughout the experience as well. I couldn't believe the amount of time she took updating me on my puppies progress. Nearly every week after Buster was paid for, new pictures were emailed to me showing how fast he was growing up. She answered all questions very well. It was not uncommon to have a several paragraphed answer to my questions and most of the time the questions were answered the same day they were asked. Overall, Vickie was a tremendous help in obtaining and knowing how to care for my wonderful new puppy. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any of my closest friends as well to anyone else interested in having a wonderfully well behaved new member of the family. Thank you once again Vickie, more then I can say. A truly satisfied customer.

 Stefan K.  Alberta, Canada  April 23, 2008


    Great experience!

My fiancee and I just bought a puppy from Vickie and though his description on puppyfind was magnificent...he turned out to be far more than that. What a great Jack Russell he is and especially a great little brother to our other Jack Russell puppy we already had. This breeder has done a much greater than excellent job with her animals. He is bright and so smart and perfectly healthy and much much more than she promised he would be or that we could have ever expected. We are more than satisfied we are amazed and overjoyed. Her pups should only go to the best of homes because they are the best of dogs out there. Perfect is an understatement......Thank you!

Naim & Greta from Staten Island, NY December 3, 2007


Vickie was wonderful to work with!

We recently bought a puppy from Vickie and could not have been happier with the transaction of our little guy. From the first moment of contact Vickie was incredibly friendly and easy to work with. She was happy to answer all of our questions and updated us daily on our pup..she even sent pictures to show us how he'd grown! After shipping, Vickie called to ensure he'd arrive safe and happy and had begun adjusting well. It was obvious upon arrival that he'd been well cared for and had even started some training. (He was sleeping through the night w/o whining in his crate by the second night!) This made the transition for both of us so smooth! I was incredibly happy to have worked with Vickie and would HIGHLY recommend her pups to anyone looking to add to their family!

Holly, San Francisco, CA  August 25, 2007


What Can I say...A+

If anyone deserves an A+ as a breeder, it's Vickie. It's very apparent in the quality of her puppies and the care she puts into her breeding, nurturing and knowledge. I am retired now but bred and showed Yorkies for thirty years and I know a breeder you can trust when I see one. Our new baby is a well rounded adorable Chihuahua. We named her Marli and she loves our other dogs and cats very much especially our other Chi (Maggie). Thanks again Vickie, we are one big happy family. Sincerely, Joanne Guasto (Round Rock, Texas)  December 4, 2009  


Great Great Great

I really can't say enough nice things about Vickie Scholten. She was absolutely wonderful to deal with. She answered every question I asked, promptly and with the wisdom of a proffessional. I recently purchased a beautiful Jack Russell, "Maddie", from her and could not be happier. Vickie's concern for her puppy's health and well being is above and beyond most. I highly recommend taking a look at the pups from East Texas Results first. 

Richard from Maine October 6, 2009  


1 Year later.....from Lindsay 11/5/13

Hi Vicki! I was thinking about you on Hugo's first birthday
a cpl weeks ago and I thought Id say hello and share some
pictures to show you what a handsome boy he's growing up to
be! He smiles all the time and he's so smart! He's the
attraction everywhere we go! We had a huge birthday party
for him 15 of his doggie friends came it was quite
the event with a piñata and a puppy cake ha ha.
And his first encounter with a pumpkin was funny as well
this Halloween!

I hope all is well and that your summer and beginning of
fall was wonderful! I can't say it enough Hugo is the best
ever and we enjoy him tremendously thank you for the
opportunity to have a dog like him ;-) We've actually
really been wondering what the rate of return customers
are with the Parson Russell's. We have definitely talked
about another one!

Anywho I will talk to you soon Vicki you enjoy your day!



I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed dog sitting for you with Molly while you were on vacation. I had always thought of JRT's as being hyper and kinda crazy. Molly was the sweetest thing and so laid back. I learned so much about Jacks during that 10 days.  She's so much smaller than she looked in her photo, even being pregnant. We really  enjoyed her puppies after they arived. She is the best little mom. Thanks for letting us have that time with her. She was such a joy to be around. We'll sit with your JRT'S any time.
Tboyandme   May 24, 2016

"Great Experience "